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Porsche 991.2 GT3 - Lovely Exhaust Sounds !

During the 2018 GMTEC Supercarmeeting we saw these 2 beautiful Porsche 991.2 GT3\'s. In this video you can see some revs, accelerations and launch con ...
31-03-2018 19:41

Wheels & Wardrobe: Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

In this weekā€™s Wheels & Wardrobe, we have found the essential accessories for an ideal night at the beach. Inā€¦The post Wheels & Wardrobe: Lamborgh ...
30-03-2018 19:37

How To Decode Any Car’s VIN

If you are reading this, you are probably aware that all street-legal cars have a VIN, Vehicle Identification Number. Theā€¦The post How To Decode Any ...
30-03-2018 19:37

McLaren Releases Track Pack For 570S Spider

Late last year, McLaren decided to offer a comprehensive upgrade kit for the 570S Coupe. Owners responded quickly to theā€¦The post McLaren Releases T ...
30-03-2018 19:37

Valentino Rossi Mashes a Ferrari 488 Pista Around a Track

Moto GP champion Valentino Rossi may be a master of the two-wheeled vehicle, but how does he fare in a four-wheeledā€¦The post Valentino Rossi Mashes ...
30-03-2018 19:37

2014 Koenigsegg Agera R For Sale

Many of the young ones will be looking for Easter Eggs, but the ā€˜Egg you want has just arrived. Ourā€¦The post 2014 Koenigsegg Agera R For Sale appe ...
30-03-2018 19:37

Liberty Walk BMW M4 F82 w/ Akrapovic Exhaust - LOUD Revs & A

Here is another video that we shot during the 2018 GMTEC Supercarmeeting. In this video you can see a widebody Liberty Walk LB Performance BMW M4 F82 ...
30-03-2018 19:37

Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 599 GTB Drift Car is Nuts

You wonā€™t see many Ferraris in drifting competitions unless youā€™re playing a video game like Forza Motorsport of Assetto Corsa.ā€¦The post Twin-Su ...
30-03-2018 19:37

Maserati Levante Trofeo Makes Debut at 2018 NYIAS

Maseratiā€™s new Levante Trofeo is the companyā€™s first SUV that has the heard of a V8 engine. This twin-turbo 3.8-literā€¦The post Maserati Levante ...
29-03-2018 19:37

630HP Stage 2 Mercedes C63 S AMG Coupe w/ iPE Exhaust - LOUD

This video features a Mercedes C63 S AMG Coupe which has got a 630HP stage 2 performance upgrade by Dime-Racing. It has also got a very loud iPE Exhau ...
29-03-2018 19:37

BRABUS Unveils The 2018 E700

If you demand the best out of everything in life, BRABUS has something you will enjoy. Their latest E700 isā€¦The post BRABUS Unveils The 2018 E700 ap ...
29-03-2018 19:37

Genesis Unveils Essentia Concept In New York

The New York Auto Show is the ideal spot to show off your ideas for the future. Thatā€™s why Genesisā€¦The post Genesis Unveils Essentia Concept In Ne ...
29-03-2018 19:37

Range Rover Velar is the World’s Most Beautiful Car

During the 2018 World Car Awards, Land Roverā€™s Range Rover Velar took home a very coveted award: the World Carā€¦The post Range Rover Velar is the W ...
29-03-2018 19:37

McLaren Senna in Action in New Video

The new McLaren Senna is about as aggressive and extreme as you can get when it comes to the manufacturerā€™sā€¦The post McLaren Senna in Action in Ne ...
29-03-2018 19:37

Watch Hennessey Take Delivery of His New Ford GT

Not just anyone can purchase a 2018 Ford GT. The process involves submitting a request to Dearborn in hopes they willā€¦The post Watch Hennessey Take ...
29-03-2018 19:37

2017 Aston Martin DB11 for Sale in Frosted Glass Blue

Finding an Aston Martin DB11 for sale that you like shouldnā€™t be that tough of a feat considering how customizableā€¦The post 2017 Aston Martin DB11 ...
29-03-2018 19:37

Recap: Festivals of Speed St. Petersburg 2018

Last Sunday, March 25, was a picturesque day in Florida, something we havenā€™t seen in quite some time. This weatherā€¦The post Recap: Festivals of S ...
29-03-2018 19:37

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt: Order Yours Now

If you have ever dreamed of chasing bad guys through San Francisco, your wait is over. In a press releaseā€¦The post 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt: Order ...
29-03-2018 19:37

VINwiki: How To Import Your Dream Car

Subaru fans are probably the most dedicated group when it comes to brand loyalty. They eat, sleep, and dream aboutā€¦The post VINwiki: How To Import Y ...
28-03-2018 19:37

Porsche: Top 5 Advantages Of The Boxer Engine

Germans are not known for wasting space. So when Dr. Porsche was asked to design a ā€œpeopleā€™s carā€ he decidedā€¦The post Porsche: Top 5 Advantage ...
28-03-2018 19:37

Top 10 Amazing Garages for Sale on duPont REGISTRY Homes

You?re cruising home in your supercar fresh from the dealership with zero miles on the dash. You roll up toā€¦The post Top 10 Amazing Garages for Sale ...
28-03-2018 19:37

Mercedes-AMG Unveils 2019 C63

As their best selling models, the Mercedes-AMG C-Class must have no equal in the automotive world. Thatā€™s why their pressā€¦The post Mercedes-AMG Un ...
28-03-2018 19:37

New Porsche Design Phone is Worth Over $2,000

Huawei has launched the new Porsche Design Huawei Mat RS smartphone. This new phone features incredible components, while also beingā€¦The post New Po ...
28-03-2018 19:37

Supercars Arriving - 918 Spyder, Novitec N-Largo S Huracan,

During the 2018 GMTEC Supercarmeeting we saw a lot of amazing cars. In this video you can see most of the participating cars arriving at the event. * ...
28-03-2018 19:37

2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback is a 444 hp Dream

The new 2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback has had its unveiling and will be having its debut at the upcomingā€¦The post 2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback is a 444 hp Dr ...
28-03-2018 19:37

Lamborghini Domination At TX2K18: Easy 200 MPH

If your stock Aventador or Huracan needs more speed, Underground Racing has perfected the twin turbo Lamborghini. Our friends atā€¦The post Lamborghin ...
28-03-2018 19:37

Gear of the Week: March 26, 2018

New week, new gear. One of the reasons we all browse the internet on a daily basis is to findā€¦The post Gear of the Week: March 26, 2018 appeared fir ...
27-03-2018 19:41

Lamborghini Urus: All-Roads Competition

If you thought the new Lamborghini Urus is just a pretty face, think again. Autocar is reporting that the Italianā€¦The post Lamborghini Urus: All-Roa ...
27-03-2018 19:41

LOUD BMW M6 Gran Coupé F06 w/ Custom Eisenmann Exhaust - Cra

Last weekend during the GMTEC Supercarmeeting we saw this crazy loud BMW M6 F13 which has been fitted with a full custom exhaust system. In this video ...
27-03-2018 19:41

New Rolls-Royce ‘Wraith Luminary Collection’ wit

Rolls-Royceā€™s new ā€˜Wraith Luminary Collectionā€™ was designed for ā€œthose who lead where others follow.ā€ In fact, the word ā€œluminaryā€ means ...
27-03-2018 19:41

Volvo XC40 Driven: Compact SUV Excellence

Luxuria Lifestyle got behind the wheel of the Volvo XC40 ā€“ the 2018 European Car of the Year.  Does it live up to the hype" The XC40 is the newest ...
27-03-2018 19:41

Hottest Cars of 2018 New York International Auto Show

If you want to feel the pulse of the automotive industry, the New York Auto Show opens Friday and runsā€¦The post Hottest Cars of 2018 New York Intern ...
27-03-2018 19:41

Diddy Bought His Son a Bentley

It’s no secret that Diddy loves cars. We’ve seen him in everything from a Rolls, to an Escalade, to a Lamborghini and several Maybach̵ ...
27-03-2018 19:41

Rhys Millen Racing Pikes Peak Bentayga

The Pikes Peak master Rhys Millen is taking his expertise to the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with aā€¦The post Rhys Millen Racing Pikes P ...
27-03-2018 19:41

2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T Exhaust Symphony

Letā€™s face it: some cars just sound terrible. Porsche engineers know this, so they decided to tune the 911 Carreraā€¦The post 2018 Porsche 911 Carre ...
27-03-2018 19:41

Floyd Mayweather Gifted Himself a New Rolls Royce

Floyd Mayweather has money on top of money on top of money and luckily for us he loves to spend a fair share of it on his cars. His latest purchase&qu ...
26-03-2018 19:46

Mark Webber Reviews the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

At the Australian debut of the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Mark Webber was able to get behind the wheelā€¦The post Mark Webber Reviews the Porsche 911 GT2 ...
26-03-2018 19:46

Pirelli Unveils Classic Sizes For Ferrari & Porsche

High-performance tires in classic sizes can be hard to find unless you happen to own a Ferrari 250 GTO. Inā€¦The post Pirelli Unveils Classic Sizes Fo ...
26-03-2018 19:46

Bugatti Chiron Sport to Make USA Debut

Bugattiā€™s new Chiron Sport is making its way to North America for a debut in the upcoming future. At theā€¦The post Bugatti Chiron Sport to Make USA ...
26-03-2018 19:46

547HP Mosselman BMW M4 F82 w/ Akrapovic Exhaust - LOUD Revs

Last Saturday we visited the 2018 GMTEC Supercarmeeting in The Netherlands. There we saw a BMW M4 F82 fitted with an Akrapovic Exhaust system. This ca ...
26-03-2018 19:46

Hackrod Unveils “La Bandita” 3D Printed Speedste

It was only a matter of time. With the growth of 3D printers and advancements in Virtual Reality, Hackrod has arrivedā€¦The post Hackrod Unveils ā€œLa ...
26-03-2018 19:46

McLaren Senna GTR Sold Out

In an article published this morning, the English Petrol-heads at Autocar has confirmed our worst fears. Speaking with McLarenā€™s managementā€¦The po ...
26-03-2018 19:46

One-Owner, 10.8-Mile 2006 Ford GT Coming to Auction

As part of the Ford Motor Company centennial celebration, Ford debuted the retro-styled GT. A modern homage to Ford?s racingā€¦The post One-Owner, 10. ...
26-03-2018 19:46

CRAZY Nissan GT-R R35 - INSANE Pops & Bangs, Flames & Launch

During yesterday\'s GMTEC Supercarmeeting in The Netherlands we saw this crazy Nissan GT-R R35 which has been fitted with a Titanium Exhaust. In this ...
25-03-2018 19:37

Supercars Accelerating - Liberty Walk M4, N-Largo S Huracan,

Today we visited the 2018 GMTEC Supercarmeeting in Oud-Beijerland (The Netherlands). There were a lot of cars participating the event. In this video y ...
25-03-2018 19:37


Welcome to my NEW LOOK DMC Mercedes AMG C63!! DMC Luxury: Subscribe For More: **FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA* ...
25-03-2018 19:37

New Porsche Gear for Your Collection

With as many Porsche fans as there are in the world, Porsche does a great job at providing them withā€¦The post New Porsche Gear for Your Collection a ...
24-03-2018 19:35


Welcome to the 2018 BMW M5. Possibly the best all round car i\'ve ever driven! The future is looking good for BMW! Subscribe For More: ...
24-03-2018 19:35

BEST OF Porsche Sounds 2017 !

Here is another best of compilation. This time we made a video of only Porsche cars which we saw at many events in The Netherlands, Belgium and German ...
24-03-2018 19:35

Porsche Celebrates 30 Years of All Wheel Drive

Your average car shopper will look at 4WD or AWD as a benefit. Sending power to all wheels is greatā€¦The post Porsche Celebrates 30 Years of All Whee ...
24-03-2018 19:35

Friends of Steve McQueen Rally Benefitting Boys Republic

Once again, car enthusiasts and supporters of Boys Republic in Chino Hills, Calif. will take to California?s back roads forā€¦The post Friends of Stev ...
24-03-2018 19:35

Ferrari F355 Specs Price and Photos

Final Targa Roof Ferrari Revolutionary Engine Technology Last Ferrari Built On Tubular Space Frame If you are looking for theā€¦The post Ferrari F355 ...
23-03-2018 19:36

Cavalino Winning 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS For Sale

Everyone wanted to be Magnum PI back the late 1980ā€™s. Tom Selleckā€™s fancy driving was a great advertisement for theā€¦The post Cavalino Winning 19 ...
23-03-2018 19:36

New Porsche 911 GT3 RS Goes Wild in New Video

The new 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS was revealed in February 2018 as a new and improved version of theā€¦The post New Porsche 911 GT3 RS Goes Wild in New ...
23-03-2018 19:36

Scott Disick Added an Aventador SV to His Lineup

Scott Disick is at it again! Scott’s never been one to stay with the same lineup for too long (meaning usually not for more than a few months) s ...
23-03-2018 19:37

“CarCast”Adds Co-Host WWE Superstar Bill Goldber

Carcast, the automotive podcast hosted by Adam Carolla and Matt ā€œThe Motoratorā€ Dā€™Andria, is adding some more muscle to theirā€¦The post ā€œCarC ...
23-03-2018 19:36

Slo-Mo Tesla Model S Launch is Hypnotic

Drag racing and electric cars were once mutually exclusive, but Tesla has changed that forever. Owners of the top-level Modelā€¦The post Slo-Mo Tesla ...
23-03-2018 19:36


Last week in Dubai was so good I had to make this video. What if I won the lottery" This is a close example of what i\'d do if I was a millionaire!! ...
23-03-2018 19:37

Casoro Jewelry Safes: Cutting Edge Security and Modern Elega

Your hard-earned valuables should be protected in the best safe money can buy. Bespoke safes by Casoro are a fusionā€¦The post Casoro Jewelry Safes: C ...
23-03-2018 19:36

Sportscars Arriving - 991 GT3 RS, RS3 8V, Quicksilver R8 V10

Last sunday we visited the Start of Season Drive event in Uden (The Netherlands). Many sportscars participated the event. In this video you can see mo ...
22-03-2018 19:42

POV Video of the Ferrari FXX K is Quite Impressive

Ferrariā€™s extreme race car known as the FXX K is the brandā€™s ā€œuncompromisedā€ version of their LaFerrari hypercar. The FXX K produces 1,035ā€¦T ...
22-03-2018 19:42

Porsche Employees Get Massive Bonus

Itā€™s a good time to be a Porsche employee as the German automaker has announced big bonuses for their employees.ā€¦The post Porsche Employees Get Ma ...
22-03-2018 19:42

Top-line Caddy CT6 gets V-Sport treatment

Don?t you just love the current horsepower war the car business is in right now" Mark our words, we are living in what might be the final golden-era o ...
22-03-2018 19:42

FCA: Viper Plant To Become Classic Car Museum

It seems like only yesterday that the Dodge Viper said goodbye. It was built by hand by the fine folksā€¦The post FCA: Viper Plant To Become Classic C ...
22-03-2018 19:42

Up-Close Tour Of a $3 Million Ferrari Enzo

There was nothing like it before, and it will never be repeated. Ferrari chose to build a street-legal F1 carā€¦The post Up-Close Tour Of a $3 Million ...
22-03-2018 19:42

RENNtech E63 S AMG Shatters Quarter-Mile Record

Just when you thought Mercedes-AMG built the ultimate E63, RENNtech has allowed it to reach its full potential. At aā€¦The post RENNtech E63 S AMG Sha ...
22-03-2018 19:42

Lamborghini Built 300 Racing Huracans in 36 Months

If you intend to take your raging bull to the track, Lamborghini has a few options for you. In aā€¦The post Lamborghini Built 300 Racing Huracans in 3 ...
22-03-2018 19:42

Top 10 Mansions for Sale on

Bridging the gap between luxury real estate buyers and sellers, duPont REGISTRY Homes shines the spotlight on the best housesā€¦The post Top 10 Mansio ...
22-03-2018 19:42

Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 390 Watch Review

The Bugatti Chiron Sport gained a new friend in the form of an intricate and exquisite watch. The new Bugattiā€¦The post Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti T ...
21-03-2018 19:39

600 HP Lincoln Navigator By Hennessey Performance

No matter where your allegiances lie, you canā€™t deny the appeal of Lincolnā€™s new Navigator. Using lessons learned in theā€¦The post 600 HP Lincoln ...
21-03-2018 19:39

2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R Becomes Fastest F1 Safety Car

Formula 1 racing has been known to have rather interesting cautions, so the FIA chose a new Safety Car forā€¦The post 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R Becomes F ...
21-03-2018 19:39

The Five Quickest Porsches Ever

Porsche makes some undoubtedly quick cars and has done so for decades. To give us a visual representation of their fiveā€¦The post The Five Quickest P ...
21-03-2018 19:39

Jeep & Mopar Unveil 7 Jeep Concepts for Moab

If your JK series Jeep Wrangler doesnā€™t inspire you anymore, get ready for this yearā€™s Easter Jeep Safari. For theā€¦The post Jeep & Mopar Unveil ...
21-03-2018 19:39

Clash Of Titans: McLaren 720S vs Kawasaki Ninja H2

Mexico is home to some wild street racing, and this one will take your breath away. If you prefer toā€¦The post Clash Of Titans: McLaren 720S vs Kawas ...
21-03-2018 19:39

First road test 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS

Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Alexandra Daddario are beautiful women. And for the guys, there?s Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynol ...
21-03-2018 19:39

Cenegenics Elite Health: The Big ?O?

From Success to Struggle It was somewhere around my 50th birthday that I realized the big ?O? had abandoned me.ā€¦The post Cenegenics Elite Health: Th ...
21-03-2018 19:39

Chevrolet Begins Corvette ZR1 Deliveries

It has been years in the making and now the wait is over. The Chevrolet plant in Bowling Green, Kentuckyā€¦The post Chevrolet Begins Corvette ZR1 Deli ...
21-03-2018 19:39

Ryan Sheckler Has a New Raptor

We’ve seen Ryan Sheckler in a variety of rides in the past. He’s had everything from an S-Class, to a Dodge Ram to a Ferrari. Well it̵ ...
21-03-2018 19:39

2019 Mercedes-AMG C 43 Coupe and Cabriolet Revealed

The new 2019 Mercedes-AMG C 43 Coupe and Cabriolet come with a few updates that spruce things up a bit.ā€¦The post 2019 Mercedes-AMG C 43 Coupe and Ca ...
21-03-2018 19:39

Cadillac Unveils 550 HP CT6 V-Sport

Weā€™ve had the opportunity to test a few flavors of the Cadillac CT6, and we all agree that the powerā€¦The post Cadillac Unveils 550 HP CT6 V-Sport ...
21-03-2018 19:39

Ferrari Unveils 2 More Anniversary Models

Ferrari is celebrating their 70th anniversary in many ways, but weā€™re here to talk about their special edition models thatā€¦The post Ferrari Unveil ...
20-03-2018 19:42

Uber self-driving car kills a pedestrian in Arizona

In what is believed to be the first fatal crash involving a pedestrian and a self-driving car, an autonomous Uber vehicle hit and killed an unnamed vi ...
20-03-2018 19:42


The only fast car my girlfriend has driven, was my BMW M3 (and Audi A1). She never drove any of my supercars due to insurance today my gi ...
20-03-2018 19:42

Bentley’s Fingerprint Scanner for Car Storage

Having peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe is always important. For that, Bentleyā€™s Mulliner has created aā€¦The post Bentleyā€™s Fin ...
20-03-2018 19:42

Ceramic Pro: Serious Protection for Serious Cars

Do you park your car towards the back of the lot to reduce the risk of door dings, scratches, andā€¦The post Ceramic Pro: Serious Protection for Serio ...
20-03-2018 19:42

Volkwagen I.D. R Pikes Peak, Wildest VW Ever

?There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.? -Ernest Hemingway. If there are only 3ā€ ...
20-03-2018 19:42

How Pagani Builds The Huayra Roadster

Your car was built on an assembly line. An invention of Henry Ford, this moving dance of people and toolsā€¦The post How Pagani Builds The Huayra Road ...
20-03-2018 19:42

BMW X4: Old vs New

It seems like only yesterday that BMW introduced the X4. One of their most popular SUVs, it began rolling offā€¦The post BMW X4: Old vs New appeared f ...
20-03-2018 19:42

Sad: Watch a Ferrari 458 Get Crushed

Having something you love ripped away from you and then ripped apart is not an enjoyable event. For one YouTubeā€¦The post Sad: Watch a Ferrari 458 Ge ...
20-03-2018 19:42

Cars & Coffee Palm Beach March 2018 Recap

Cars & Coffee Palm Beach March 11, presented by Adams Polishes, was another THRILLING event at Palm Beach Outlets, 8am-12pm.ā€¦The post Cars & Coffee ...
20-03-2018 19:42

duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee: March 2018

If you werenā€™t here on Saturday morning, you need to have a good excuse. The slide back into Daylight Savingā€¦The post duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffe ...
20-03-2018 19:42

Autoline Network Confirms Cadillac Escala Production

If weā€™ve learned anything from Cadillac over the past 3 decades, itā€™s to not call their bluff. In a YouTubeā€¦The post Autoline Network Confirms C ...
19-03-2018 19:39

Porsche Opens “70 Years of Porsche Sports Car” E

Get ready for an unprecedented Porsche Party. In a press release early this morning, the first details of their 70thā€¦The post Porsche Opens ā€œ70 Ye ...
19-03-2018 19:39

Rumer Willis Drives a Tesla Now

It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a post on Rumor Willis which is really on her because she’s not out and about as much as sh ...
19-03-2018 19:39

Magnus Walker Visits Porsche Factory

If youā€™re a Porsche fan or automotive enthusiast in general, you know Magnus Walker. Magnus has risen to fame throughā€¦The post Magnus Walker Visit ...
19-03-2018 19:39

Prized 1949 Bentley Race Car to be Auctioned

Few automobiles are as beloved by enthusiasts as the 6½-Liter Bentley racing cars. The Speed 6 in particular, said toā€¦The post Prized 1949 Bentley R ...
19-03-2018 19:39

The EPIC Monaco Supercar Nightlife #8 (Huayra, Enzo 'FXX', A

During the summer of 2017 we went to Monaco for 2 weeks. Monaco is the most amazing country where you can see some epic supercars especially during th ...
19-03-2018 19:39


Day 3 was a \'driving\' heaven type of day! Jebel Jais, Mountain roads...and 30 supercars! The McLaren was awesome...when it worked! #CatchTheCamel S ...
19-03-2018 19:39

Top Speed Shootout: 750 HP M5 vs McLaren 570S

If you are looking for a fun-filled sedan, the previous generation BMW M5 is a relative bargain. Known as theā€¦The post Top Speed Shootout: 750 HP M5 ...
19-03-2018 19:39

Glickenhaus’ SCG004S Will Use Nissan V6

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) has created some incredible cars under the leadership of James Glickenhaus, including the SCG003 and SCG003CS.ā€¦Th ...
19-03-2018 19:39

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BMW Launches New 2020 Lifestyle Collections

BMW Launches New 2020 Lifestyle Collections

BMW has just launched their new 2020 Lifestyle Collections, as itā€™s a tradition for the brand to introduced new items in Spring. There are a lot of items dispersed through the multiple collections that were unveiled. First up is the BMW... -
Toyo Tires SEMA 2019 Preview

Toyo Tires SEMA 2019 Preview

Loyalty to a tire brand runs deep for most of us. Finding the perfect blend of grip and treadwear can be trial and error if you havenā€™t experienced the perfect tire. It took me a decade to discover what many already knew, so here is the Toyo Tires... -
MSO “Papaya Spark” McLaren 675LT Spider for Sale by McLaren Newport Beach

MSO “Papaya Spark” McLaren 675LT ...

McLaren Newport Beach is pleased to present for sale this stunning 2016 McLaren 675LT Spider as part of their hand-selectedā€¦ The post MSO ā€œPapaya Sparkā€ McLaren 675LT Spider for Sale by McLaren Newport Beach appeared first on Autofluence. -
NOVITEC Unveils Tasteful Upgrades for the Huracan Evo

NOVITEC Unveils Tasteful Upgrades for the Hur...

As one of the most popular models in their history, the Lamborghini Huracan Evo is ripe for customization. If you want to set yours apart from the other raging bulls, our friends at NOVITEC have released a slew of upgrades. Starting with the... -
Premier Sports Cars Co. Virtual Dealership Tour

Premier Sports Cars Co. Virtual Dealership To...

Premier Sports Cars Co has proudly been in business since 1995 providing the highest level of service to our customers. We believe that Good Business begins with Top Quality Automobiles, High Attention to detail & continues with service after... -
Canepa Rebuilds 1,500 Horsepower 917 Engine

Canepa Rebuilds 1,500 Horsepower 917 Engine

Endurance racing in the late ?60s was a show of force by the big automakers. When Porsche wanted to win at all costs, they turned to their brightest engineer: Hans Mezger. While a V8 or V10 would have been easier, he chose to combine two flat-6... -
Most Unique Porsche 911’s For Sale: March 2020

Most Unique Porsche 911’s For Sale: Mar...

2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S 3.8 TECHART GT STREET R :: $249,500 720 hpBurmester audioWidened, matt carbon fiber hood, wing & mirrors View listing 1990 Porsche 911 Singer :: $899,900 2,100... -
Halloween Spooky Supercar Sale

Halloween Spooky Supercar Sale

Halloween is the best holiday for those trying to be spooky. Letā€™s face it, wearing a spooky costume on a holiday like Flag Day just doesnā€™t work. For those of us that like to have a sinister ride to go with their costume, weā€™ve selected a few... -
BMW Unveils Limited Edition M240i M Performance Edition

BMW Unveils Limited Edition M240i M Performan...

For those who couldnā€™t wait for the new BMW M2, it was preceded by the fun M235i. And now thatā€¦ The post BMW Unveils Limited Edition M240i M Performance Edition appeared first on Autofluence. -
Elon Musk Seemingly Lists Two LA Mansions for a Total of $39.5 Million

Elon Musk Seemingly Lists Two LA Mansions for...

Two of Elon Muskā€™s Los Angeles, California mansions have popped up on the market over the weekend, seemingly listed by the SpaceX CEO himself. Both properties are in the exclusive Bel Air neighborhood; one listed for $9.5 million and the other... -

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