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First road test 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

San Francisco, CA. Ford knocked this launch event out of the park. The very early morning flight to San Francisco, all-afternoon drive, outdoor cockta...
08-08-2018 19:48

First road test 2019 Mazda MX-5

Toronto, ON. The story of the Mazda Miata is an unlikely one. A little over forty years ago, someone said that a carmaker should build an inexpensive ...
24-07-2018 19:41

Top-line Caddy CT6 gets V-Sport treatment

Don?t you just love the current horsepower war the car business is in right now" Mark our words, we are living in what might be the final golden-era o...
22-03-2018 19:42

First road test 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS

Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Alexandra Daddario are beautiful women. And for the guys, there?s Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynol...
21-03-2018 19:39

Uber self-driving car kills a pedestrian in Arizona

In what is believed to be the first fatal crash involving a pedestrian and a self-driving car, an autonomous Uber vehicle hit and killed an unnamed vi...
20-03-2018 19:42

A small affordable Mercedes-Benz presented in Geneva

After its announcement a few weeks ago, the new 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class was officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Featuring a 2.0-liter tur...
07-03-2018 19:34

The 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric unveiled in Geneva

The Hyundai Kona is already one of Canada’s most anticipated SUVs of the year, and now we’re getting a new 100% electric version with impressive f...
07-03-2018 19:34

The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept from Geneva

Well, it was not the “real” Supra, but we have to deal with it. It is the Toyota GR Supra Racing concept, a model developed by Toyota Gazoo Racing...
07-03-2018 19:34

A wagon version of the Mission E: the Porsche Mission E Cros

The Porsche Mission E will come out as a production vehicle by next year and already Porsche is hard at work on other versions of its flagship electri...
07-03-2018 19:34

As Tesla reaches for the stars, it bleeds money

Less than two days ago, Elon Musk?s SpaceX ?s Falcon Heavy Rocket launched into space with a Tesla Roadster strapped to its back. The waves following ...
08-02-2018 19:34

No salary for Elon Musk for the next 10 years

Tesla’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, will not receive a salary for the next 10 years under a new compensation plan that should be approved by shareho...
25-01-2018 19:35

5 cars that saved their manufacturer

Manufacturers experience a wide range of ups and downs over the years, but very few every reach a point where their very survival is questioned. Other...
25-01-2018 19:35

Fast times with the Koenigsegg Agera RS at the Canadian Inte

This will be quite a treat for performance and supercar enthusiasts! Those planning to attend the 2018 edition of the CIAS just got another, perhaps f...
17-01-2018 19:35

The Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept presented in Detroit

With the Infiniti Q Inspiration concept, Infiniti presents its vision of the style that its VC-Turbo vehicles with autonomous driving technologies cou...
16-01-2018 19:35

The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt presented in Detroit

While many expected to see the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, Ford instead unveiled to the world the new 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt at the North Ameri...
16-01-2018 19:35

The Lexus LF-1 Limitless is born in Detroit

With the Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept presented in Detroit today, Lexus gives us a glimpse of what the brand will bring to its future models in terms ...
16-01-2018 19:35

The 2019 Acura RDX prototype unveiled at the North American

Acura just unveiled the 2019 Acura RDX at the North American International Auto Show, and it is the most extensive redesign for this model in the last...
16-01-2018 19:35

Top 10 unveils from the 2018 North American International Au

A large portion of this year?s edition of the 2018 North American Auto Show actually took place before the show floor opened up to we members of the m...
16-01-2018 19:35

Top 10 original alloy wheels

Wheels can make or break a car; they have that power. The right set of alloys can make all the difference and transform a car into something worth a s...
09-01-2018 19:40

How autonomous cars may change auto insurance

Autonomous cars are certainly a topic of great discussion at the moment in the automotive industry. A wide range of automakers have already unveiled v...
04-01-2018 19:34

AUTO NEWS: End of Formula E in Montreal

The controversy surrounding the arrival of a second edition of Formula E on the island of Montreal has been put to rest after the new mayor of the cit...
20-12-2017 19:35

AUTO NEWS: The Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid is only a matter o

In an interview with Automotive News, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said the development of a Plug-in Hybrid Porsche 911 was about to begin shortly with on...
07-12-2017 19:30

2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography unveiled in Los Angeles

The 2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography was unveiled just ahead of the 2017 Los Angeles International Auto Show and proclaims itself as a new benchmark i...
30-11-2017 19:34

LOS ANGELES AUTO SHOW: The 2018 Lexus RX L: It?s about time

Although Toyota?s luxury brand has offered 3-row SUVs for quite some time, the GX and LX body-frame trucks never really caught on be it because of pri...
30-11-2017 19:34

Los Angeles Auto Show : more beauty from the new Mercedes-Be

The central element from the silver star presentation at this year?s Los Angeles show is called CLS. Not that the new S-Class Convertible is boring to...
30-11-2017 19:34

The 2019 Lincoln MKC: Seducing with technology and the exper

Lincoln?s MKC was introduced for the 2015 model year back in the summer of 2014. I remember it fondly as the launch event changed my life. But that?s ...
30-11-2017 19:34

Los Angeles Auto Show : the new BMW i8 Roadster is still a d

As expected, the latest addition to BMW?s lineup is a soft top, the new i8 Roadster joining the Coupe for the 2019 model year. Obviously, the Bavarian...
30-11-2017 19:34

The 2019 Volvo XC40: Great things in small packages

Most world car markets are bursting at the seams with demands for more crossovers. In North America, the car/utility vehicle share is near 50/50 while...
30-11-2017 19:34

Los Angeles Auto Show : Chevrolet surprises everyone with a

Previously unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show, Chevrolet’s iconic moniker has just made its debut in Los Angeles a few hours before the LA Auto Show o...
30-11-2017 19:34

Porsche unveils 2018 718 Cayman GTS and 718 Boxster GTS in L

When exclusivity and driving pleasure are both essential elements in a mid engine sports car, the Cayman 718 and the Boxster 718 inevitably stand out ...
30-11-2017 19:34

CAR NEWS: The Tesla truck will cost between $ 150,000 and $

A week after the unveiling of its electric semi-truck in California, Tesla offered more information on how it plans to price its latest project. Thre...
25-11-2017 19:30

CAR NEWS: The Lamborghini Urus is an animal

More than five years have passed since the Lambo Urus SUV concept was revealed at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show and again at the 2012 edition of the Pebb...
24-11-2017 19:31

CAR NEWS: Tesla nearing bankruptcy according to Bob Lutz

Less than 24 hours after Tesla once again grabbed the world’s attention with the unveiling of the awesome Roadster and its semi-trailer electric tru...
22-11-2017 19:33

QUICK CAR REVIEW: 2018 Kia Stinger GT

A funny thing happened when I drove the new 2018 Kia Stinger: it met all of my expectations. In most cases, they were reasonable and in others, not so...
18-11-2017 19:34

NEW CAR: The new Tesla Roadster reaches 100 km/h in less tha

True to form, Tesla stole the show yesterday in California by unveiling not only its new truck, but also a new Roadster capable of reaching 100 km/h i...
17-11-2017 19:33

The 2018 Kia Stinger GT starting at $ 44,995

One of the most anticipated models of 2017, the Kia Stinger GT is about to arrive at the brand?s dealerships with a starting price of $ 44,195 for the...
16-11-2017 19:51

NEW CAR: A completely insane electric Lamborghini

It would fit nicely into some superhero?s garage, or in some sort of sci-fi racing video game. It?s the Lamborghini Terzo Millenio, a prototype that e...
10-11-2017 19:38

The 10 lowest-selling vehicles in Canada

There are more than 240 new vehicles available to consumers in the Canadian market today. In other words, there are a lot of options for buyers, and m...
10-11-2017 19:38

AUTO NEWS: A more generous warranty for Volkswagen vehicles

The diesel engines scandal has had a very negative impact on Volkswagen’s image all over the world. In the United States, the German manufacturer w...
07-11-2017 19:37

STUDY: Electric vehicle carbon emissions calculated for each

There is no doubt that an electric car pollutes less than a gas-powered car once on the road. That said, the level of pollution generated by EVs when...
07-11-2017 19:37

AUTO NEWS: say hi to the Range Rover Sport P400e plug-in hyb

Land Rover’s Range Rover models are known for their comfort and off-road capabilities, but certainly not for their fuel economy. The Range Rover Spo...
05-10-2017 19:34

AUTO NEWS: Is the new Toyota Supra finally on its way"

Since the unveiling of the FT-1 concept at the Detroit Auto Show in 2014, we are constantly hearing about the next-generation Toyota Supra. Every few ...
05-10-2017 19:34

AUTO NEWS: Tesla Model 3 arrives without AM/FM radio or Blue

Tesla being Tesla, its models are always spectacular and its promises are all grander than the ones that came before, but not everything is perfect wh...
30-09-2017 19:35

NEW CAR: The Range Rover Car

I too read the news story revealed by Autocar this morning a few times? I know, it seems illogical at first but when you think about it for just a mom...
26-09-2017 19:37

CAR NEWS: Stopped at 1 km/h above the limit, his ticket is c

An Albertan who was recently arrested at 101 km/h on a road limited to 100 km/h saw his ticket canceled after his girlfriend posted the story on socia...
23-09-2017 19:38

NEW CAR: Arnold Schwarzenegger electrifies his Hummer

If there was ever a vehicle that felt the wrath of environmentalists, it was the Hummer. Although it wasn?t the most polluting vehicle of its era, it ...
22-09-2017 19:35

NEW CAR: Here’s the new 2019 Volvo XC40

Any time Volvo unveils a new model, the world must take notice. Indeed, the Swedish manufacturer isn?t exactly Speedy Gonzalez when it comes to renewi...
22-09-2017 19:35

ADVICE: The Benefits of Choosing a Demonstrator Vehicle

Many consumers are reluctant to buy a demo vehicle, but often it is because these vehicles are simply misunderstood. When we think of a demo, we think...
13-09-2017 19:35

ADVICE: you should do, and not do, in the event of a flat ti

A flat tire never occurs at the right time, no doubt about it. Some have managed to escape the bad luck for several years while others have been force...
13-09-2017 19:35

FRANKFURT: The Renault Megane RS is a rival of the Civic Typ

We waited a long time for the arrival in North America of the Ford Focus RS and the Honda Civic Type R, but there are still European models that make ...
12-09-2017 19:31

FRANKFURT: Mercedes-Benz unveils the EQA EV

Mercedes-Benz wants to electrify its entire range of vehicles by 2022, starting with smart which will only offer electric vehicles by 2020. Then, a c...
12-09-2017 19:31

NEW CAR: A Jaguar E-Type Zero with an electric engine"

If you even slightly interested in cars, you know the Jaguar E-Type. Mythical car of the 1960s, the E-Type is considered by the great majority as one ...
08-09-2017 19:33

MOTORCYCLES: Harley-Davidson introduces eight new 2018 Softa

On August 27, 2018 in Pasadena, California, Harley-Davidson undertook the most important launch of its prestigious history. After 10 years of research...
02-09-2017 19:33

AUTO NEWS: A performance division for Toyota"

Japanese carmaker Toyota plans to introduce a new performance line for some of its vehicles, and this new range could be presented next month in Japan...
30-08-2017 19:33

AUTO NEWS: Domino’s wants to deliver pizzas with Ford

If you are visiting Ann Arbor in Michigan this week and you feel like a pizza, do not be surprised if you see a Ford Fusion in the street but no deliv...
30-08-2017 19:33

AUTO NEWS: Audi changes the name of its models

German manufacturer Audi recently decided to review the names of its models. The transformation isn?t as important as last year?s Mercedes-Benz lineup...
26-08-2017 19:33

AUTO NEWS: a first image of the new BMW Z4 concept set to be

The new-generation BMW Z4, BMW’s entry-level roadster that has been somewhat forgotten in recent years, will be presented as a concept at the Pebble...
16-08-2017 19:48

CAR HISTORY: the first ticket was given in 1896

Almost all motorists have received a ticket at some point or another in their lives. It?s never pleasant, and we could argue for a long time about how...
16-08-2017 19:48

CAR NEWS: Almost all Canadians claim to be good drivers

It appears that Canadian drivers are quite proud of their driving skills, with 95% of them saying they are good drivers in a recent study conducted by...
15-08-2017 19:33

CAR NEWS: FCA to be acquired by the Chinese"

The Chinese are in the market to make further automotive acquisitions worldwide. North America remains very attractive but the local Chinese carmakers...
15-08-2017 19:33

TECH: Nissan’s new ProPilot technology

Introduced on the Nissan Serena minivan in Japan last year, ProPilot technology aims to simplify driving for Nissan owners who have it included on the...
12-08-2017 19:29

CAR REVIEW: 2017 Porsche Panamera 4

Scaling back about 20 years, Porsche seemed like a one-trick pony. It made 2-door sports carsand depending on the period, they had engines up front, i...
28-07-2017 19:30

CAR NEWS: Luxury, driving pleasure and efficiency with BMW i

If you love driving but fear that an electrified car will dull the experience, fear not for BMW?s got your interests at heart. After all, you leased a...
28-07-2017 19:30

CAR REVIEW: 2017 Acura NSX

I stupidly turned down the opportunity to test drive an NSX in 2001 and 2003. The cars were new, and on Honda?s regional test fleet; I recall the supe...
28-07-2017 19:30

CAR REVIEW: 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

As I look through my pictures and videos on the new Grand Sport, I can?t help but to think back on my all too brief time with the car as thought it wa...
25-07-2017 19:34

FIRST REVIEW: 2018 Mercedes-Benz S 560

For Mercedes-Benz, the 2018 S-Class is the benchmark that serves to showcase the brand?s refinement, luxury and technology features. The German manufa...
25-07-2017 19:34

CAR REVIEW: 2017 Nissan GT-R Premium

I don?t know what to think about Nissan flagship supercar anymore. I recall being enthralled with the car when I first drove it in 2009. At the time, ...
25-07-2017 19:34

FIRST REVIEW: 2017 Honda Civic Type R

Where do you begin when facing the daunting task of evaluating what is arguably the most anticipated sports car of 2017" When Honda called upon us to ...
22-07-2017 19:35

CAR NEWS: Luxury EV carmaker Lucid Motors looking for money

Lucid Motors was founded in 2007 and is based in Menlo Park, CA. They were best known for developing battery technology early on but in December of la...
19-07-2017 19:33

CAR NEWS: Mercedes recalling 3 million diesel vehicles

The word ?diesel? is now officially synonymous with bad and I don?t think it?ll ever recover in North America. The constant battering continues on all...
19-07-2017 19:33


In the late 90s, I fell in love with the WRC. Until then, motorsports did little for me as I could not link F1 cars, or Nascar, to the vehicles I cros...
18-07-2017 19:37

List: Top 10 driver’s cars for 50 000$ or less

The years have been kind to driving enthusiasts. Despite the threat of a $2 liter of fuel and emission restrictions, some OEMs have always served up s...
18-07-2017 19:37
14-07-2017 19:32

LIST: Top 10 stolen cars in the United States

The National Insurance Crime Bureau, or NICB just released its annual list of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the United States, and for a fourth year i...
14-07-2017 19:32

CAR NEWS: All new Audi A8s to feature mild-hybrid systems

Before touching on the news about every future flagship A8 will in fact be a hybrid, let?s soak in the beauty and grace of this superb range-topping l...
14-07-2017 19:32

LIST: Top 10 cars for the drag strip

The thrill of launching a car is second to none, for some. I, by far, prefer a track drive but many prefer smashing the throttle to oblivion and holdi...
08-07-2017 19:31

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Q4: New blood on the rise

My limited experiences with Italian cars have never been very good. By limited, I?m referring to the few Maseratis I?ve driven where all three exhibit...
06-07-2017 19:34

A trip to Subaru Tecnica International, aka STI

To many, STI means nothing. To a few, it’s the damned neighbour?s kid?s loud car and to him, and fewer still, it’s a story about racing in some of...
05-07-2017 19:32

Every newly introduced Volvo product will have an electric m

Is this a bold move, or is Volvo simply ahead of the curve" Volvo?s been hard at work reinventing itself over the last 7-8 years. In the process, they...
05-07-2017 19:32

New Jaguar E-Pace world premier next week

When Jaguar launched the F-Pace, they expected that it would sell well.  That, it did and so well in fact that it prompted the introduction of two mor...
05-07-2017 19:32

2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S: Pocket rocket perfection

My job has never been more difficult. Despite my youthful appearance and my enthusiasm akin to that of a 10-year old getting ice cream, I?m quickly ap...
01-07-2017 19:30

VW Dieselgate 2.0"

We?ve all read the headlines stating that Volkswagen was caught lying about emissions in late 2015. Specifically, their TDI engines were equipped with...
28-06-2017 19:36

2017 McLaren 570GT: The love of my car life

Do you remember the time when you first met your spouse" The feeling that washed over you when your eyes first locked and you knew he/she was the one"...
28-06-2017 19:36

Purchase or lease: three advantages of financing

When purchasing a new vehicle, three options are offered to consumers. They can pay cash for their next vehicle, or decide to lease it. They can also ...
21-06-2017 19:37

The Brief: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace S

From cool to cool I was at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2013 and witnessed the unveiling of the Jaguar C-X17. I was fairly clear then that the concept b...
14-06-2017 19:33

The return of the flying car

At least the idea of it, anyhow. Car manufacturers are always looking for an edge on their competitors. Some are working on EVs, others autonomous car...
14-06-2017 19:33

Top 10 mk1 Volkswagen Golf and Jetta from Wörthersee 2017

Top 10 mk1 Volkswagen Golf and Jetta from Wörthersee 2017 The 1st generation Golf was meant to replace the Beetle when it arrived in 1974. Since then,...
30-05-2017 19:36

Top 10 station wagons from Wörthersee 2017

Top 10 station wagons from Wörthersee 2017 European carmakers are still big on station wagons, as they?ve always been. Here is a sampling of VAG estat...
30-05-2017 19:36

Top 10 old-school Volkswagen family cars from Wörthersee 201

Top 10 old-school Volkswagen family cars from Wörthersee 2017 This show is not only for GTIs but all VAG products from all periods. This list contains...
30-05-2017 19:36

Top 10 Volkswagen GTIs from Wörthersee 2017

Top 10 Volkswagen GTIs from Wörthersee 2017 The GTI-Treffen (GTI meet) was launched in 1981, five years after the 1st generation Golf GTI. The car spa...
30-05-2017 19:36

2018 Subaru WRX STI: Coming This Summer

Subaru has announced that the 2018 Subaru WRX STI and all its variants will be available in dealerships across Canada this summer. Subaru has released...
30-05-2017 19:36

Top 10 Volkswagen Cabrios from Wörthersee 2017

Top 10 Volkswagen Cabrios from Wörthersee 2017 VW is not a brand known for convertibles but they?ve created a number over the years. The 1st generatio...
30-05-2017 19:36

Top 10 Scirocco and Corrado from Wörthersee 2017

Top 10 Scirocco and Corrado from Wörthersee 2017 Devastatingly beautiful, and occasionally fast but always a rare sight, the Scirocco is one of the mo...
30-05-2017 19:36

Top 10 mk2 Volkswagen Golf and Jetta from Wörthersee 2017

Top 10 mk2 Volkswagen Golf and Jetta from Wörthersee 2017 I have a soft spot for the mk2, as I?ve owned four and still own one, in my life. This gener...
30-05-2017 19:36

Buy a new car entirely online" It’s now possible

The automotive industry has always lagged behind other retail industries, particularly in digital development. For example, it is possible to buy just...
27-05-2017 19:35

A taste of Porsche

Like me, you probably had a poster of a Porsche on you bedroom wall as a young child. I myself had both a 930 Turbo Slantnose and a 993 Turbo with the...
25-05-2017 19:37

The Brief: 2017 Jaguar XF 20d AWD

The name; the prestige I?m always equal parts excited and not when I?m about to pick up a Jaguar for a weeklong test. I get excited because I love the...
25-05-2017 19:37

2017 BMW 5 Series Earns IIHS ?Top Safety Pick +?

The 2017 BMW 5 Series has earned the IIHS?s award for Top Safety Pick +. Earning good and superior ratings on accident prevention systems and headligh...
20-05-2017 19:32

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Aston Martin DB9/DBS Buyers Guide

Aston Martin DB9/DBS Buyers Guide

If you know anything about us here at Exotic Car Hacks, it?s the fact that we are keen on the Aston Martin brand. Having almost half a dozen personal case studies done on the Aston Martin DB9, DBS, and Vantage, it?s not hard to see that Aston... -
Aston Martin DB11 Volante is Licensed to Thrill

Aston Martin DB11 Volante is Licensed to Thri...

Meet Aston Martin’s latest car- the sleek DB11 Volante. The exquisite convertible version of the DB11 coupe will go on sale from early 2018 priced from Ł159,000. Purists might be disappointed to know there will be no V12 engine option for the... -
Seven Years Worth of Pagani Huayra Start-Ups, Revs and Accelerations

Seven Years Worth of Pagani Huayra Start-Ups,...

It may be hard to believe, but the Pagani Huayra made its unveiling all the way back in 2011. Pagani started production on the car just a year later in 2012 and since then, we’ve been graced with the Huayra’s presence ever since. To celebrate... -
Sunken Ferrari 360 Modena Salvaged in West Palm Beach

Sunken Ferrari 360 Modena Salvaged in West Pa...

Everyone loved the Ferrari 360 series when it arrived in 2000. Working with ALCOA, the chassis and many body parts were aluminum. It was so revolutionary that many aspects remained unchanged until the 488 GTB arrived. Despite all the innovations... -
First McLaren 600LT Delivered to Hennessey Performance

First McLaren 600LT Delivered to Hennessey Pe...

Houston, we are go for launch! This is the one we’ve been waiting for. If you assumed the first McLaren 600LT would arrive in South Florida or SoCal, you would be mistaken. The 1st US delivery of their latest Sports Series has arrived in Sealy,... -
duPont REGISTRY November 2018 Uncovered

duPont REGISTRY November 2018 Uncovered

The year is almost at a close as we launch our November 2018 issue of duPont REGISTRY. For this issue,…The post duPont REGISTRY November 2018 Uncovered appeared first on Autofluence. -
Audi to Release Full-Electric e-tron GT by 2020 Very Soon

Audi to Release Full-Electric e-tron GT by 20...

Audi is ramping up the engineering behind their electronic drivetrain, and it’s more apparent now more than ever. You see,…The post Audi to Release Full-Electric e-tron GT by 2020 Very Soon appeared first on Autofluence. -
duPont REGISTRY May 2017 Issue Uncovered

duPont REGISTRY May 2017 Issue Uncovered

Featured In This Issue First-Ever 2017 BMW M760i xDrive This phenomenal engine has 601 horsepower on tap with peak torque… The post duPont REGISTRY May 2017 Issue Uncovered appeared first on Autofluence. -
CAR REVIEW: 2017 Acura NSX

CAR REVIEW: 2017 Acura NSX

I stupidly turned down the opportunity to test drive an NSX in 2001 and 2003. The cars were new, and on Honda?s regional test fleet; I recall the super-sweet PR women Nadia asking me if I was sure I didn?t want to spend three days with an NSX. 15... -
duPont REGISTRY February 2019 CoverShot: Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro

duPont REGISTRY February 2019 CoverShot: Merc...

The last four years have seen unprecedented competition in the market for sports cars. Mercedes-AMG have never been content to let their lineup get stale, so they have unveiled a hot new version of the AMG GT. Taking influences from their GT3... -

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