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Ferrari F12tdf Price, Specs, Photos & Review

Luxury Cars
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Ferrari F12tdf Price, Specs, Photos & Review Ferrari F12tdf Price, Specs, Photos & Review

Ferrari F12tdf Price, Specs, Photos & Review

Ferrari F12tdf Price

How do you make a street-legal car perform like a Formula 1 champion" That was the question answered with the Ferrari F12tdf for sale. As it introduced many new technologies to the brand the Ferrari F12tdf price was much higher than the base model.

Only 230 cars were built for the U.S., each with an MSRP of $621,600. Because each allotment was pre-sold to collectors, no two examples are identical. Options could easily add $150,000 to the window sticker, and consequently, the Ferrari F12tdf will usually sell for over $1,000,000.

Ferrari F12tdf Review

Compared to its predecessor, the Ferrari F12tdf horsepower and transmission improvements make it a blast to drive. With a redline of 8,900 rpm, its scream can be heard and felt by everyone around you. It is an homage to the Tour de France, which began as a high-speed car race across the country. Blasting from city to city against other gentleman racers would make for the perfect Ferrari F12tdf review.

Karissa Hosek ©2019 Courtesy of RM Auctions

Ferrari F12tdf Specs

To some, the F12tdf specs are those of a detuned race car. Others contend it is a highly modified example of their flagship Grand Tourer. It retains traditional hydraulic steering upfront while also being the first Ferrari with electronic rear steering.

Less weight and more power allow the F12tdf 0-60 to be under 3 seconds. Officially listed at 2.9 seconds, this can be improved upon with drag slicks. Once you are moving the F12tdf top speed of 211 mph will have your heart racing.


Price: $621,600Engine: 6.3L V12Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Clutch AutomaticHorsepower: 769Torque: 520 lb-ft0-60 mph: 2.9s1/4 mile: N/ATop Speed: 211 mph

Why You Should Buy A Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari F12tdf Engine

This is where the line between race car and street car is blurred. Imagine having the instant response of a short intake with the torque offered by a larger volume" All 12 intake trumpets are variable length, always in motion depending on load and engine speed. This allows the Ferrari F12tdf mpg to be better than other V12 competitors.

This ingenious system controls the speed of air as it approaches the intake valves, and they react without hesitation. That’s because the Ferrari F12tdf has solid tappets. Don’t let this scare you away, adjusting valve lash is only needed twice a year. The only warning is to let the car reach operating temperature before going for a spin. Patience is a virtue of the best Ferrari collectors!

Ferrari F12tdf Transmission

Once the engineers made more power, they needed a gearbox to handle it. The Ferrari F12tdf transmission is loaded with hardened internals and shorter gear ratios. This was done to keep the engine near max power at 8,500 rpm. Because the engine’s redline is 8,900 rpm, the transmission must shift with the authority of a drill sergeant. You don’t need to shift that high to enjoy the chun...
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Ferrari F12tdf Price, Specs, Photos & Review Ferrari F12tdf Price, Specs, Photos & Review


Fuente de la noticia: dupontregistry
date: 15-01-2020 19:37
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